Friday, April 12, 2013

Social Media VS Link Building. What Is Better?

Social media has the power of offering better SERP without spending money while doing this. However, link building still works and there are many search engine optimization specialists that do all that they can in order to get great links. What should you choose between the two? Is social media better than link building? Let us take a look at both of these in order to understand exactly what works best in your case.

How Does Link Building Work?

Link Building can be defined as building links on the internet and spreading them with the purpose of increasing search engine positioning rankings. Many strategies exist and can help you to succeed. The most used one is to take advantage of sites that are already reputable so that they endorse links and works there. There are some sites that will ask for a payment in order to allow you to host a link but there are also others that will just want the same favor from you in return.

Social Media SEO Role

We can easily notice the fact that social media is personal. It became really powerful with the advancements made in technology and you can use this to your advantage. All that you have to do is use the most popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Post your messages and they can spread really fast, reaching thousands of potential customers in just minutes.
The interactivity of social media is the main reason why so many are using it at the moment. Search engines understood that social activity is a good indicator of what people want to find on the internet and are now using shares, likes and even tweets in order to offer better ranking.

Link Building VS Social Media? Tips On Using Them

  1. It Is Better To Use Both!
This is the one thing that few people even consider. No matter what you might be tempted to believe, it is always a good thing to use both link building and social media. Link building strategies are pretty much straightforward but when you also take advantage of the power of social media, it is a guarantee that you will get better results. When posting links without taking into account engagement, time is lost and the poor execution consequences are immediately felt.

  1. Social Media Gets You In Touch With Customers
Because of the fact that the popularity of social networks is huge, it is easier to reach your customers and use the sites as a door for marketing and SEO ploys. It is completely true that traditional link building works but it is imperative that you also attract a social circle. Think about quality at all times and never just place links!

  1. Link Baiting And Influential Social Media
You should research opportunities and always be aware of what is trending. All that is trending can be incorporated in your social media campaigns through videos and photos while informative texts create value and attraction.

Try to create viral content. From that content you can plug in links. It is a guarantee that this will get you far when referring to SERP. Your main goal is to leave an impression. People should see you as important and it is vital that you are remembered. Those that reach maximum exposure end up with links without doing anything by simply using social media properly.

We can easily compare social media with word of mouth marketing since there are so many similarities between the two. People do want to pass on information and will recommend resources to others on social networks. Post quality stands out as the main key to your success. At the same time it is important to avoid negative reputation effects and the link building activities are made a lot easier when just combining both social media and link building.

The bottom line is that you need to think about the people. The major search engines do all that they can so that the results shown are relevant and social media is taken into account. Although you might hear differently, link building and social media basically work hand in hand. The best search engine optimization experts out there include them both in their work done to rank high.
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