Monday, April 15, 2013

BWJ - Madeleines

This week's Baking with Julia challenge is Madeleines, and is hosted by Katie and Amy of Counter Dog

I have made madeleines a number of times before - I am not a madeleine wiz like Kayte, but I have learned a couple of things about them.  First - do not overfill your moulds - underfill them slightly, as they spread like mad when baking, so unless you want barnacles instead of shells, take it easy on the batter.  The other thing I have learned about madeleines is that they bake crazy quick - I often find that if I follow the baking time in the recipe, my madeleines are often darker than I desire - behold the photo above.  These madeleines were only in the oven for 10 minutes, but they went dark underneath.

On the upside, I got perfect little humps in the backs of my madeleines.  What is it about French baked good - feet on macarons, humps on madeleines.  Heck, maybe they'll be sprouting arms next.

I didn't find these madeleines particularly dry, as some Julia bakers did, although I found the batter to be rather more solid than I am used to working with.

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