Thursday, July 14, 2011

SEO Strategies 2012

A lot of serious serious things going on with Google’s Panda update, how Bing and Facebook have collaborated, and how SEO 2.0 and Social Media are merging. This is a different thing than how one would use Social Media to get more personal with their users.
The Panda update, website load time, Google’s new +1 feature, microdata , rel="author", microdata,  Facebook’s like button on Bing, removal of real time search on Google and user feedback and ratings are all part of the new 2011 SEO 2.0 way in how Google is starting to use social media to make content rank better. The End User now decides. Traditional tactics will still work, but they will soon not have as much buoyancy as they did. Another important change that site with Google map details will get more preference. (For example search builders in cochin )