Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SEO Tips for Your Site and What You Can Do about It

A Short Overview on SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is widely known is a way to increase the number of visitors to a website by making its rank higher in search results and employing the right keywords on the sites content.

In a general and basic sense, SEO involves:

  • Bringing in prospects towards your site
  • Leading clients/customers to a detailed or step by step process of completing a transaction i.e. site navigation tools
  • Designing websites properly and attractively to entice customers/clients
  • Addressing some concerns that could be a contributing factor in customer satisfaction level
Search engine optimization strategies are substantial for websites that target good ranking. Online advertising agencies should have know-how on this to attain efficiency. By having a top ranking site, a company may benefit from the elevated traffic making their sites the top click of customers or clients searching for a service or information.
These are the things you should be asking yourself to guide you in your SEO quest:

  • Do you plan on doing your product or service’s advertising/marketing by yourself?
  • Do you plan to do it in a conventional or traditional manner? Online/offline? How?
When you have decided to do it online, then:

  • Plan. Think about the product/service you want to sell.
  • Figure out who needs the product/service
  • See what the search engines can recommend you when you search for them
  • Make a website. Get a domain and host.
  • Don’t forget to build links.
  • Consider marketing with banners and ads.
  • Make press releases for strategic and authoritative marketing.
  • Employ associations and backlinks.
  • Participate in forums or blogging.
  • Email productions. (No spam as much as possible. So be careful!)
  • Test your methods and assess your progress.
  • Innovate when possible.
Take note though that good online search engine ranking is not the only objective you should have, increasing traffic and conversions should not be forgotten because they bring in the bread and butter of an online business.

Avoid search engine penalties. Online entrepreneurs realize the significance of getting top internet search engine ratings and thus they usually perform many SEO activities on their own sites. Improper implementation of SEO could possibly get your website penalized by search engines like Google.

To prevent a site from being punished, avoid having hidden texts or hidden links on your webpages, do not use excessive automated queries to search engines, and avoid keyword stuffing.

Use appropriate keywords. Having the correct keywords will permit you to drive specific site visitors to your website. Therefore, this task determines whether your SEO effort can improve your business results or not.


SEO tactics are ideal in promoting and making your site “popular” in the eyes of search engines and in the eyes of people searching for a particular keyword.

SEO is vital for online marketing and advertising. If the processes are being done correctly, it can help attract many visitors to your site, it can enhance the ranking and furthermore, it can prove to be successful for your business.

This is a guest post brought to you by Andrew Hiddleston, internet entrepreneur and business coach. Find out more online marketing strategies at his video news blog http://www.leanmeanmarketing.com.