Monday, April 22, 2013

Five Effective Strategies to Attract More Site Visitors

We put up a website because we want to draw people’s attention to what we have to show the world. Either we want to market and promote a product or a service, or we simply want to raise awareness for a certain cause. Whatever it is, we all desire to have a lot more people visiting our site, being inactive and patiently wait for them to visit our site will not work. We need to have to be active and impose techniques that will drive people to our sites. Here are some effective and ethical strategies you may want to try.
  1. Social Media Sharing. This is actually pretty common and self-explanatory. But aside from sharing your own website content to your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many similar others, it is also wise to install a social media sharing button on your web pages. This way, all your site visitors who likes your content can easily share it to their friends and connections, thus, resulting to more visits from other people. The more social media sharing buttons you install to your website’s content pages, the ways there are to share your content, and the more people will get to see your content.
  2. Increased Number of Pillar Contents. Pillar contents are “in-depth, well-written content that will always be of interest to readers.” With these contents, you can rest assured that your site will go viral toward the targeted readers via person-to-person sharing. Coupled with social media sharing, this will surely direct a large number of traffic to your site.
  3. Noteworthy Press Releases Distribution. Submitting a press release for a noteworthy accomplishment or event is another good way to direct people to your website since your contact information (which includes your website) is given at the end of the press release. However, remember that you should not abuse this service, otherwise your distributed press releases will turn out to be nothing more than a spam content.
  4. Interactive Social Networking. This simply means that give helpful answers to questions you see on online forums or threads. You can visit a lot of site and pages that host these features. After giving your answer, give a link (preferably a shortened one) to the person who asked. The link should either be of your website or any content from your website that gives further explanation to the issue. Doing this will not only give your site good traffic but also credibility and reference to your site and your expertise.
  5. Content Sharing. Sharing informative contents about your field and industry or anything related to sites like Scribd and Slideshare will also direct people to your website to check what else you have to offer. This method not only gives you followers, but also increased brand awareness and credibility.
You can never discount the power of your website. So make the most of it! Our tips here have been tested and proven effective not only in spreading your website’s popularity, but also in establishing your business’ online presence and in maximizing your chances of boosting your sales and profit margin.

About the author – Manilyn Moreno works for Better Cater as the Online Marketing and Content Manager. Better Cater is a catering software company that aims to provide assistance to caterers in managing event financials and recipe costing.