Tuesday, April 9, 2013

10 Iphone Seo Apps That Can Help Seo Professionals

Today, everyone is on the go - business on the go, socializing on the go, it's a fast pace world. One of the leading devices that support our busy life is the Smartphone, and the iPhone is among the leading in this class. These Smartphones are far more sophisticated and more useful than their predecessors. Because of their usefulness and practicality to the modern world, the iPhone is now a helpful tool for web developers seeking to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the go. More and more SEO professionals seek mobile apps that can assist them on the go. 

Here are 10 iPhone SEO Apps that can help SEO Professionals

1. SEO Stats

This is a very simple app and is an excellent application that is completely free. It is great for persons with all levels of SEO experience. This software keeps you informed about your stance on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Digg. You can check your page ranks and backlinks on the go. SEO Stats can even check your Wikipedia backlinks and lots more. Overall, a great app to view your trending and ranks in SEO terms.

2. Analytic Agent Pro

This app is one that is sure to save you a great deal of time. It has three major features that are sure to excite any SEO professional. With this app, you can check your Google Adsense, AdWords and Analytics accounts. Check all your incoming organic traffic daily with this application, and see your important statistics like page views, visits, Adsense income, bounce rates and more. Co-relate and compare statistics with earnings with Analytic Agent. The app comes in two forms; lite version and pro version which is the better option and costs only $2.99.

3. SEO Search Ranking

This application is for the sole purpose of SEO. The app costs $1.99 and may be very well worth your time and money. The app allows you to keep a check on the positions of the keywords you specifically want to rank for on multiple sites. It tells you your precise rank position for each website you register. Unfortunately, there is a downside to this app. While it may suit most SEO professionals, it might not suit you if your current Google search engine ranking is less than the top 64.


This is a great tool for competitive analysis. With this application, you can analyze a website for guest posting prospects or check out your competition rankings. The results are usually extremely accurate, useful and very easy to understand. You can even email your results to yourself or your associates. ISEO can be purchased at the Apple app store for $1.99.

5. Raven Tools

This is a favorite free application for SEO interests. Although this is a free app, you have to sign up for a paid account with Raven in order to use it. Raven tools are very useful otherwise, allowing you to track your website statistics and social media links and trends.It collects analytic data for ROI measurements as well. This is a very advanced app with a lot of great features and functions; a must have for any SEO professional.

6. LinkJuice

LinkJuice is one of the most informative SEO applications you will find on the Apple market. This is a good product for expert SEO professionals, otherwise it may seem complicated with all the analysis you receive. Enter your domain URL or webpage link in the app form and you will receive information about your backlinks, anchor text, domain authority and so on. If you are serious about SEO, then this is a good app for you. LinkJuice costs $1.99 at the Apple app store.

7. SEO keyword Checker

This is a free application. It is quite useful and packed with information that can be easily viewed while on the go. The app carries a simple interface and is easy to use. It analyzes web pages and gives you valuable information about keyword usage and density.

8. Ego

This has long been a favorite app for SEO developers. It offers a collection of website data all on one screen. This is handy for SEO professionals who want quick information on the go. It is ideal for commercial websites to blogs and can track an array of major services with everything summarized on one screen. This app has unfortunately been withdrawn by its developers, but hopefully it will return with even better features. This was truly one of the most useful SEO App ever developed.

9. SEO Automatic

As the name suggests, SEO Automatic gathers information about your website and make helpful SEO recommendations. It thoroughly analyzes your webpage to give you the most optimizing ideas. This is a great app for SEO novices.

10. SECockpit

One of the most important aspect of SEO development is keyword research. This is the exact purpose of this app. Just like Google Search Tools, you enter your keyword or phrase and the app will bring up results of search volume and competition. Great for keyword research on the go.

In this technology driven era, applications are developed as fast as there are demands for them. Apple developers have certainly come a long way to develop these highly efficient 10 iPhone SEO Apps that can help SEO professionals.

Author Bio:
Jason Smith is an online manager for Social Security Defenders - who are experienced social security disability attorney. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.