Saturday, February 2, 2013

What You Should Never Miss Out While Designing Your New Site

In order to ensure that your online visitors have the best user experiences from your website, there are some key elements you must not miss out while designing your website. The elements you must not leave out of your website design include; The search functions, a user friendly Navigation system, Your RSS feeds, Responsive web design, Title and Meta Tags, Catchy headlines, Website links, Website Validation, and website Back up.

A User-friendly Navigation

This is one of the most important aspects you must not neglect. Your website visitors become easily frustrated when they can't open links and your web pages cannot be navigated through with ease. Don't get carried away with fascinating web design, make sure your web pages and navigation systems are user-friendly. Check any of your favorite websites and copy the good sides of it.

A catchy header

This area is one of the first noticeable elements of your website, and if you don't get it right at the header, many of your visitors wouldn't bother to read the contents. You can make your first powerful impression in the minds of visitors with the catchy headers you use, such headers create suspense in their minds and they will want to read the rest of your web contents. Make your headers unique and let them follow the theme of your website so that people can easily detect what you stand for.

Keyword and content search function

Your search function is one of the things most bloggers and website owners neglect while designing their websites. Your website's search functions help your visitors visit past articles or contents; it also helps them locate some contents quickly without searching through all your web pages. Your visitors can easily click through archives and tags when you provide them with a search function.

A responsive web design and development 

A beautiful website will remain useless if it is not responsive to your visitors. You should consider the fact that people now have access to mobile devices and are connected to the internet on the go, therefore your web pages must be easily accessible on traditional computers and on mobile devices such as smart phones, and tablets. When your web pages are responsive, they can easily adapt to the screen sizes of different mobile devices . You need to incorporate features that change the layout of web pages to adapt to different mobile devices. A responsive web design is perhaps the most important feature you need for your website in the present time.

RSS feeds 

One of the best possible ways of getting your messages to your visitors is to allow them an option of subscribing to your website's RSS feeds. RSS feeds feature is one of the best ways to capture new readers and expand your visitor's base. The RSS feature updates your visitors or followers constantly when there are any new contents on your web pages.

Validation of your website and Website backup

These are essential elements you must include in your website design. You need 100% validity for your website. No closing tags and no alt tags for instance can lead to your web pages being referred to as "Invalid" , you therefore need to check through all your website features to make sure your website is valid. Website Backup is necessary so that you can save yourself from trouble in case of any future mishap. You need an alternative source for all your website content in case the security of your website has been breached. There are so many options available in backing up and restoring backups for your website.

Browser checks

Many website developers often ignore this important component of a web design, but the fact is that, not all the visitors to your website will use the same browser. You can naturally assume that most people use Google chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, you must not forget about the fact that some internet users are still comfortable using Windows explorer. You need to consider other web browsers such as Safari, Opera, and mobile browsers for phones such as IPhones, androids and windows 8 devices.

The secret of having a successful website design and development is to incorporate all necessary features that will take care of the needs of most of your visitors. You need to do a pre-launch of your website on different internet devices after it has been completed to be sure of its functionality.

Author Bio:
Jason Smith is an online consultant for ABWE . Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation. In his free time he likes to study about web designing and practice Jiu Jitsu.