Sunday, February 17, 2013

Digital Marketing with StumbleUpon

As one of the products of the ensuing social media revolution, StumbleUpon is a popular content discovery engine that helps users find new content based on their interests. With more than 25 million registered users and close to one billion stumbles every month, StumbleUpon has joined the elite list of fastest growing social media websites. The website helps registered users find new web content, while also recommending content based on user interests. The website sources out recommended content based on user interests using social networking and peer-sourcing techniques. Users can make new friends and build relationships on the network.

Launched in 2001, StumbleUpon was founded by Geoff Smith, Garrett Camp, Eric Boyd and Justin LaFrance. The website was developed using the concept of collaborative filtering to link similar web users on a single platform. Users can rate web pages, update personal profiles and build peer networks connected by common interests. The website coordinates distribution of content, so that users stumble on web pages recommended by members in their peer network.

Getting Started with StumbleUpon

To become a member, you have to sign up with the website using a valid email address or sign-up using your Facebook account. Once your email address is confirmed and activated, you can start stumbling. Upon sign-up and activation, you will be required to select interests based related to which you would like to discover web pages. Once you have signed in, you can start Stumbling by clicking the Stumble button on the top left corner of the web page. Users can rate a web page by clicking ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’. In addition, users can stumble upon content related to their interests.

Users can make the most of toolbar versions to start stumbling. Stumble Upon has launched toolbar versions for popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. For the benefit of mobile users, StumbleUpon has released mobile apps that are available in Android and iOS mobile platforms.

StumbleUpon for Digital Marketing

As one of the popular social voting and bookmarking websites on the web, StumbleUpon can help businesses promote their brand, while generating traffic to their website. Registered users can submit URLs to web pages based on their interests, while categorizing them with keywords known as tags. Once your business is registered with StumbleUpon, you can find target audience by filtering out users based on interests. As a business, you can post promotions, advertisements and deals, and promote them to members who have selected your business niche as their interest.

On the flip side, the website is built in such a way that it detects content related to user preferences and serves up exclusive web pages that match potential interests. By this means businesses can reach out to their target audience and get to know about the reception of a particular product or service. In addition, StumbleUpon helps businesses build the exposure of a website or brand, while enabling the business to establish a follower base.

The website helps drive traffic to your business website, which helps gain backlinks from visitors that boost search engine rankings. Businesses can make the most of paid promotions on StumbleUpon. Paid promotions helps businesses reach out directly to their target audience. For this purpose, businesses can purchase StumbleUpon Ads that are priced for every targeted user. With paid promotions, businesses can get valuable feedbacks and suggestions on web pages, products and brands, as users get to rate every web page.

The bottom line is that with the ensuing social media revolution raring to go, rapidly growing social media websites like StumbleUpon can yield desired benefits when included as part of your digital marketing campaign.

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