Saturday, February 2, 2013

Social Media Marketing: FAQs Answered

Social media marketing has been one of the sure-fire marketing strategies that are widely employed on the web. Social media in large part has been spurring on the revolution of socializing and bringing about user generated content. Social media is increasingly becoming a repository for user generated content and region specific users. This is why brands and businesses are flocking to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube and more. If you are new to the concept of social media marketing, then the following FAQs will enlighten you up on the topic.

What is social media?

Social media is an online platform that facilitates communications, interactions and information exchange between users over the Internet. You can use social media to create, modify, share and publicize contents within groups and communities. There are different types of social media platforms that facilitate online sharing, forum posting, social networking, blogging, microblogging, podcasting, video & image sharing, and wikis, among others.

What is Internet marketing?

Advertising a product or a service on the web is called as Internet marketing or online marketing. Internet marketing is a type of advertisement that is publicized on the web so as to attract customers and generate leads. There are different types of Internet marketing such as display advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, and social media marketing.

What is Social media marketing?

As one of the primary Internet marketing types, social media marketing is an advertising strategy that is deployed using social media websites. Social media marketing helps generate traffic and attract prospective customers. Social media marketing is primarily centered on generating niche related content that will intrigue users to read and share it within their group.

What are the different types of social media websites?

There are many established as well as developing social media websites belonging to different categories that can be used for social media marketing. A few of the popular ones are: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Tumblr, Blogger, Pinterest, Vimeo, StumbleUpon, Digg, Flickr, and Reddit, among others.

Why is Social media marketing important?

Traditional marketing is starting to gradually fade out due to the increased dominance and usage of the web. Managing an online presence is becoming a mandate for businesses, and social media marketing is one of foolproof ways to advertise an enterprise’s online presence. Search engines play a crucial role in advertising a website to online users. Search engine crawlers in order to provide authentic and spam free search results frequently index and rank the content that is generated via social media websites. So the bottom line is that if your brand or product is present in and is often discussed about on social media websites, then your brand or product has the highest probability of gaining online visibility.

How to build your brand using social media marketing?

A brand is built by reputation and to build reputation one has to earn the trust of their customers. And for that two things are important – one, visibility and the other, transparency. The latter is usually a problem, as most businesses hide important annotations behind terms and conditions. In this era of public outcry on anything trivial to everything big, the only way to pacify and entertain and build a brand is through talking to them. This is where Social Media Marketing helps. Big time.

Start talking to your customers, allow them to air their grievances, respond to them in kind and then with that as the investment build your brand. Remember, brand is built subconsciously.

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