Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Patty's White Chocolate and Ginger Cookies

I have been feeling a little world weary lately, so I decided to bake some cookies, despite the heat, to cheer me up.  A little while back, I had seen some White Chocolate and Ginger Cookies on Patty's blog, Patty's Food, and printed off the recipe.  I have also had the pleasure of meeting Patty, and I shared a lovely lunch with her when I was in San Francisco last year.

How could you go wrong with white chocolate and crystallised ginger in a cookie? They sounded fab. Also, they are low cal - making them a guilt free treat in my book.

I whipped up these cookies fairly quickly, and was surprised that I actually got 24 cookies, as the recipe states.  Normally, I get more or less cookies than the recipe states, so these impressed me from the start.

Now, if you are hunkering for a massive cookie to sink your teeth into, these are not it.  Only one teaspoon of cookie dough goes into each cookie, so these cookies are more of a bite sized delicacy than a man sized munchie.  However, doesn't that actually mean you can eat more of them??

I really liked these cookies, and their Weight-Watchers friendly nature is a bonus for someone like me who expands on the sight of food.  Thanks for sharing this treat with us Patty!