Thursday, February 14, 2013

FFwD - Coeur a la Creme

This week's French Friday with Dorie challenge had a Valentines Day theme, in that the dessert we made was Coeur a la Creme - literally a Heart of Cream.  To make this dessert, comprised of cream cheese, icing sugar, whipped cream, vanilla and alcohol of your choice (I chose Chambord, a black raspberry liqueur), you are supposed to have the special heart shaped moulds with holes in the bottom.  I used a strainer lined with cheesecloth instead, in the correct belief that I will never make this dessert often enough to justify buying the moulds, and hence we have Blob a la Creme: 

As the name suggests, coeur a la creme tastes overwhelmingly of cream.  I paired my coeur a la creme with some raspberry coulis (frozen raspberries and sugar warmed up together until a sauce forms).  The raspberry pairing is a good one, as it cuts through the creaminess.

Without a doubt, this dessert tasted nice if you are a creamy dessert fan.  For me, this was just OK, as although I love cheesecake, this dessert erred too far on the creamy side for my liking.  However, it got very good feedback at work - proving that I am a fusspot of sorts. 

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Hope you had a Happy Valentines Day!