Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The SEO Benefits of Guest Posting

Guest posting is a robust facet of content marketing strategies which has lately enjoyed publicity and prominence due to its contributory role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns. Guest posting happens either by invitation from another blogger of by your own request to post on another persons blog. The overall effect is that as a guest poster, you stand a chance to reap a myriad of benefits both in the short and long-run.

Increases Online Visibility

Guest posting increases visibility of your corporate brand on the online platform. This is achieved through the new audience that you reach out to via your posts. Websites are very instrumental but do not give visitors the opportunity to interact with your brand as opposed to blogging. For guest blogging to be effective, you have to ensure that the information posted is SEO friendly. This means that the posts should be unique, quality and contain the right combination of keyword density.

Link Building

Guest posting is a very instrumental tool in growing your own blog readership. The fundamental format of a guest post allows the author to include a few links within the article body and a bio at the end. Make sure you maximize this opportunity to get more links as well as gain new connections and followership. It is of paramount importance to use different keywords in different blogs so that your link building can appear natural to the search engines. This is inline with the Google panda update.

Establish Relationship with Other Bloggers

Guest posting helps you to establish cordial working relationship with other bloggers in your industry. This is very critical because it enhances industry wide cooperation and can be a platform for the launching of shared services. Among the many benefits that can accrue from such relationships is the fact that other bloggers may decide to links your site and depending on how prominent their blog is, this can improve the page ranking of your blog too.

Generates More Traffic to Your Site

Guest posting has the unique advantage of portraying the author as an authority within the field in which he is writing. This means that avid readers of his posts will tend to be interested in knowing more about the author. Through the bio at the end of guest posts the links embedded at strategic points within the article body, interested and curious readers who may turn out to be potential customers are redirected to the bloggers site. This increases the traffic to the guest blogger’s site.

Powering of content oriented social media marketing drive

Quality and unique content occupies the centre stage in social media marketing campaigns. Most readers are not pleased with content that pushes them into action but rather content that they can interact and reason with. The more a post is shared, the more the search engines see it as being valuable thereby improving its page ranking. This ripple effects in enhancing visibility, brand equity and doubling of marketing efforts.

About the Author: Daniel is a writer for PostJoint. a free platform  for those looking for guest post opportunities.