Monday, February 4, 2013

BWJ - Foccacia

This week's Baking with Julia challenge is Foccacia, and our host is Sharmini of Wandering Through.

I made only a third of the recipe because I didn't want all of that bread just lying around.  I sprinkled my foccacia with dried tarragon, as fresh herbs are expensive, and Persian blue salt that I bought out of curiosity at Gewurzhaus.  In the end, it didn't taste any different to ordinary salt.

The author kept talking about the bubbles in the dough, and there certainly were lots of those, although the dough didn't rise much in the oven:

On day 1, the foccacia was delicious - crisp and chewy and flavoursome. However, the foccacia didn't last well, and tasted stale the next day, which was a little disappointing.

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