Wednesday, February 20, 2013 Connect all your Social Accounts !

The beauty of Social.Me is its simplicity
Unify all of your social networks and blog in one place and get a nice clean profile with your pic, bio, and skills/expertise tags so your audience can follow you on their preferred network. You get a cool, short URL that you can use on your business card and e-mail signature instead of referencing multiple networks, and you don't have to tell people that goofy username you got stuck with because someone else had the name you wanted. Plus, you get access to our web tools so you can add a social icon strip without having to link to each network individually.
  • Share just one username for yourself or your business (ie;
  • Unify all of your social networks on a single page
  • Use it on your business card
  • Use it on your e-mail signature
  • Add all of your social icons to your blog or website with one line of Javascript
  • Hosted in a high-availability CDN so it's always fast and doesn't go down!
  • Your profile is all about you! is not a marketing company - there will NEVER be ads on your profile and we'll never email you unless it's a matter pertaining to your account