Sunday, November 17, 2013

iOS vs. Android, which one is user friendly and why?

The technological world we are living in is totally incomplete without an small handheld device named as mobile phone's. But with the changing time, this mobile term has been replaced with the new technology called smartphone. Now talking about a smartphone, only two operating systems come into our mind i.e. IOS and Android. Now the question that arises is which is more superior than the other and by which factors?

Here individual features will be present by which the reader can easily read and decide the superior one.

Android can be Personalized: Android, till now had launch many versions of it. The latest one being Android 4.4 (Kitkat). Best thing about Android is that Android is designed as per the requirements of its user's. One can easily customize it and use it in your smartphones. The best example of it is that countless ROM's are available on net with 0-100% editing. On the other hand, iOS is not as much personalized as compared to Android.

Android is free of cost: One can find a no of Android over the internet and that all free of cost. But iOS is not at all present free for use. It is only available in iPhone's preinstalled in it.

iOS is more speedy: iOS even having lower processor/hardware, seems to run more faster than Android. This is due to more effects added to the iOS. The GUI of iOS is more effective as compared to that of Android.

Android is Portable: Android is developed to run major on any smartphone specifications. Some basic system configuration is required by all, but apart from that all the Android versions can run on any mobile with high or low specification. But for better performance the best android that is suitable in a smartphone is installed in it and retained for the sale. This feature is not at all present in iOS. IOS can be operated in iPhone's only and that also depend on the hardware specifications of iPhone.

Android is more User Friendly: There are many features that are not present in iOS whereas available in Android. More than one account can be used in an Android which is not possible in iOS. Android can be used with unlimited free apps available on net whereas in iOS only apps present in iTunes can be downloaded to the iPhone.

iOS is more secure: Talking about the internal designing, iOS is more secure from unwanted and harmful virus. An iPhone will be least affected by any virus as compared to an Android smartphone. Also in the recent past, with the update of iOS, the feature of in-build mobile tracker is placed within the iPhone. With the help of that app, mobile can easily be tracked from users e-mail id.

Verdict: As per the points mentioned above, Android comes out to be a true leader over iOS in terms of popularity, portability, usability but, when the point of security is considered then iOS, undoubtedly becomes the king of kings. If a user emphasis on a more featured and commercial use smartphone, Android will be his first choice. But if one likes to buy branded phone with best in class GUI's and features too with large storage space and more work ability, undoubtedly iPhone will be his first and last choice.

Coming to the conclusion, one has to be the winner. And after collecting such point without any query, Android presents itself as a user friendly OS.