Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How Pay Per Click Ads Can Help You Become An Intelligent Marketer

Marketing is all about understanding the target consumers. What do they like? What do they dislike? And what are the elements that can help you touch them emotionally? If you work in a PPC company, you must work with a lot of Google search page ads. PPC helps you learn a lot of things and as a result, you become a smart marketer.

In this article, I will highlight the ways in which pay per click makes you a smart marketer.

# PPC helps you make crucial strategic decisions: When you invest in PPC, you basically pay Google to acquire customers for your business. Therefore, it is important to know that you are investing money in the right place. Let's assume that you sell products to both B2C and B2B customers. Now, if you see that your online B2B sales is much better than that of B2C, you can go through the offline sales reports to find out whether this is true for offline sales as well. If both online and offline conversion rate show that you have more B2B customers than B2C customers, you can pay attention to B2C marketing campaign and discover the flaws hindering your business growth.

Without PPC, it is not possible to measure the success of a marketing campaign. Some tactics like SEO, banner ads, word-of-mouth advertisement bring traffic as well, but you can never be sure how many customers are actually visiting your online and offline store. PPC gives you a solid figure. For example, 100 people clicked on the ad and visited the site. Google Analytics will tell you how many of them clicked the “buy now” button. In fact, you can also track how many people are buying offline as well by placing a simple survey form on the website. A simple question like “do you love our online shop or prefer our store at your locality” can help you get the statistics easily.

You can also optimize business process by paying attention to users' behavior once they reach your site. For example, some businesses let customers buy their products from the site and some additionally offer “call to order” facility. PPC tracking can help you find out what customers are really doing. Are they clicking the “buy” button or do they prefer to call? If the result shows that customers like to call because it saves their time, you may hire a few more telecaller executives to handle the incoming calls.

# You can form a better marketing strategy: PPC helps you understand your customers and gives you an opportunity to find the best sales pitch. The idea may seem surprising, but search engine result page ads make you fail first and then bring you to the path of success. There is no “guessing” in PPC marketing. Suppose, a client asks your professional PPC company in India to publish 5 ads with 5 different catch-lines. Some of them will fail miserably and some will bring you a certain number of customers. So, you fail and learn what does not appeal to your target audience. You don't have to guess, as the conversion tracking tools give you data regarding your success ratio. Once you know what works and what does not, you can use this knowledge for offline marketing, e-mail campaign and SEO articles.

# Make data-driven decisions: PPC marketing is a learning process. Some of your ads will fail, but you have to scan them and try to understand why they failed. It can be content, time of ad, placement or something else.  If one ad did not work a couple of months ago, it does not mean that it will not work ever. You have to test and think what you can do with the ad to make it perform. For example, you may have posted a discount offer ad when other leading merchants were offering discounts as well. Why don't you offer a flash discount for 24 hours? Modify the content and make sure that the ad stays live for 24 hours only. The discount remains the same, but since you tell customers it is for “24 hours only”, they will flock to your site.

# Boost your analytical skills: Pay per click ads make you a great analyzer. You don't only pay attention to the performing and non-performing keywords, but also analyze factors like CTR, conversion rate, cost per acquisition etc. The more data you gather about your marketing campaign, the more easily you can manage budget and compose better ads in future.

PPC makes you a knowledgeable marketer. You know exactly how much you are spending, from which locations customers are coming to your site, what age group prefers your products/services and how many customers are actually buying from either your online or offline shop. Thus, you not only become smarter but gradually start improving the investment-profit ratio of your clients. As a result, more people start hiring your PPC company for their online campaign management.

Sarmista Aun is the author of this post. Through her writings she reveals how to target the right audience for your business in order to generate leads.