Thursday, November 21, 2013

8 Ways of Managing Your Blog and Social Media While on Vacation

Vacation agendas differ from one individual to another. While some look at it as a getaway where you get to build sandcastles on beautiful beaches with kids, some consider it to be a time for relaxation and reading a novel on kindle. Irrespective of what is actually done by you on vacations, the truth is that you expect some quality time to unwind and relax. However, if you are a content writer India or any other professional related to the online world, it may not be a good idea to cut yourself away totally from the professional space. In today's competitive time, keeping up with your engagements in social media while on vacation is no longer a choice but a necessity.

Here are 8 ways of managing your blog and social media while being away from work:

Take the help of guest bloggers: You can keep your blog active and working even in your absence with the help of guest bloggers. Guest blogging not only gives the impression of your blog being alive but also assists the guest blogger in achieving his own goals. However, make sure to remind the blogger about responding to comments on a timely basis so that fans and customers can be kept engaged and conversations can continue peacefully.

Schedule Facebook posts, blog posts and tweets: It is a smart idea to plan future social media updates and posts so that your followers and fans assume that you are quite active and maintain the frequency of your posts or updates. In order to make this plan successful, a bank of posts has to be created in advance before you leave for your vacation. There are various tools that allow scheduling of Facebook posts and tweets, such asTweetdeck, Hootsuite and CoTweet.

Load your smartphone prior to leaving: Thanks to smartphones, you can now access your social media accounts from practically anywhere. You should make it a point to check whether your smartphone possesses all social media applications that will enable you to access blogs and social media while roaming around in a foreign land or biding your time at the airport. “Page Manager” app has been launched by Facebook for Android and iPhone. You can monitor Twitter with the help of mobile apps from Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. WordPress, LinkedIn and Google+ too are not very far behind, what with each having a decent collection of impressively-designed mobile applications.

Give training to someone: Solo workers, like a freelance content writer India, or small business owners may not benefit from this one but those working in big or even small teams can give training to another professional in advance so that he can manage the social media activity in their absence.

This point is a little tricky one. This is because you should make sure to not give away all your duties and responsibilities to your co-worker. It is highly essential for you to stay as updated as ever.

Inform readers that you will be unavailable: There is nothing wrong in being personal with your followers and readers by informing them that you will be off from work for a couple of days. If they are truly your loyal readers and are aware of your hard work for producing quality work, they wouldn't really mind your plan of taking a break for some time. Such a step can also draw a lot of appreciation from readers.

Streamline social media activity: Make use of services like NutshellMail for organizing your social media activities. The primary aim of these services is to deliver your Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp and other updates as a single message to your inbox.

Outsource all social media commitments:Professional companies which do such work have no vacation time. Thus, if you outsource your social media obligations, those can be handled impeccably by them, enabling you to enjoy your vacation completely.

Tie up conversations which have not yet been resolved: Avoid leaving any unresolved conversation in social media as it is. You should complete all comments and discussions before leaving for vacation so that nobody is left waiting for your reply. It is important for your reputation as a professional blogger.

These 8 tips can make the vacation of any content writer India a social media-friendly one.

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