Thursday, November 28, 2013

10 Best Online Programs For Small Business: Accounting Software

Are you using an accounting software application for your small business? If not, you may want to consider using one to simplify your recordkeeping. You don’t have to be an accountant or bookkeeper to know how much your business is earning. There are accounting software that can do the job for you:

10. Outright Plus
Outright Plus is an accounting solution that lets you keep track of your income statement accounts. Among its primary features are estimation of quarterly income tax, computation of sales tax and calculation of Schedule C for taxation. Outright Plus is offered at a monthly subscription price of $9.95. It is your best choice if you like assistance in tax accounting.

9. Invoice Expert XE
The Invoice Expert XE is a comprehensive free accounting program with many features. It allows you to make invoices, manage customers, create a detailed inventory and create monthly financial reports among others. But it is limited only to businesses with up to 100 products and customers.

8. Adminsoft Accounts
Although Adminsoft Accounts is not a premium accounting program, it offers many functionalities that can be used by small- and medium-sized businesses. Its basic functions include general accounting, billing, taxation, budgeting, forecasting and fixed assets management. It is also capable of multi-currency and multi-user accounting systems, which are not available in most free accounting software.
However, for business owners who have no background in accounting, it may take a while to learn this program because it has many dialog boxes and menus that users should be familiar with.

7. TurboCASH
With over 100,000 users worldwide, TurboCASH is one of the popular small business accounting software. It is a fully functional free accounting program that is readily configurable to your needs. It has the advantage of multi-business and multi-user capabilities. It also generates almost all types of financial statements and reports.
One drawback is that TurboCASH is not a very simple program to learn for non-accountants.

6. QuickBooks Premier Edition 2011
With a monthly subscription starting at $79 per month, this price may be overwhelming for some businesses. But QuickBooks Premier Edition 2011 is worth the price as it is considered one of the best accounting software available. It can streamline all accounting transactions including payroll, taxation, customer and supplier records, inventory and preparation of financial statements and reports.

5. Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2013
For businesses that require a sophisticated tool to manage inventory, the Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2013 is one of the reliable accounting software that can help with that need. Aside from its comprehensive inventory recording capabilities, it also comes with extensive tutorials. The only drawback is its price which starts at $369 for a single user.

4. NCH Express Invoice
If you have a business with less than five employees, you could take advantage of the free NCH Express Invoice. It is an invoicing package that lets you create invoices, keep track of sales and payments made and create a schedule of recurring invoices.

3. VT Cash Book
For business owners looking for a simple accounting program, VT Cash Book might be for you. It is known for its simplicity and ease of use for entering daily transactions. It can also help you with basic financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements and VAT returns.
However, this free program cannot maintain a database for suppliers and customers, and it has no capability to make invoices and purchase orders. Also, it cannot be used for multiple accounts. VT Cash Book is ideal for small businesses that require simple accounting, such as trading businesses.

2. FreshBooks
FreshBooks is a cloud-based free accounting program with a wide range of applications. It includes easy invoicing and dispatching, creating of customer and supplier records, as well as service records and document sharing.

With FreshBooks, you can access your business data from any computer. However, the free version is limited for 30 days only. Monthly subscription starts at $19.95.

1. TAS Basics
TAS Basics is a free accounting program that is useful for tracking your payables, receivables and VAT returns. You can also use it to monitor your cash flow and keep records of individual customers and suppliers. However, it has no capability to make invoices or record sales orders.

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