Sunday, November 24, 2013

Four-Step Formula to Generate Leads from Your Blog

These days, whenever Google talks about SEO, they concentrate on one thing only, quality of content. Their logic is very simple. If you post high-quality, informative articles, readers will read them, share them on social media sites and consequently generate authentic back-links. So, in other words, “content is king”. The reaction of SEO services India companies to Google's new optimization logic in the past couple of months have been impractical though. In order to impress the search engine giant, some sites played with long-tail keywords, some started posting articles very cautiously and some blogs stopped accepting guest posts in the fear of “poor content”. All hail Google!

Everyone is creating his or her own content writing plan, but forgetting a simple thing. When you post a blog, your goal is only not to get a better position on SERPs or impressing the mighty Google. Don't you generate leads from your blog posts? What is more important – getting top ranks or getting clients? You can always find a formula to safeguard your site from Penguin and Panda SEO updates, but it does not matter whether your site ranks high or low, it needs to bring readers and then convert them into clients. Some people may visit your blog first and if they find something really useful in the blog, they will go to your site; irrespective of your site's position on SERPs.

In this post, I will discuss how you can generate leads with the help of your blog.

Write helpful content: Most of the blogs post generic content just to fill the pages. You need to write something that will empower readers and help them achieve something. An article can teach them something, solve a problem or improve their situation in some way. The best way to write a good blog post is to ask yourself a few questions.
  • If I am the reader, will I read this post?
  • What does the reader learn from my post?
  • Can it help them make money?
  • What problem does this post solve?
Now, suppose you are writing a post on “dynamic logo design tips”. Your mind should answer the above questions like this:
  • Yes, this post is for designers and they will read it as there are not many posts on dynamic logo design.
  • How to design animated logo.
  • It will.
  • They may have faced some problems in the animation process and my post offers the solution.
Write lots of posts: You need to write several articles and that too everyday. Ask any SEO services India company and they will tell you that posting one article a week won't bring any good results. Start posting 3-4 articles every day and do this for at least a month, you will definitely notice traffic improvements. One well-written blog once a week won't bring readers. If you don't have someone who can produce quality articles regularly, hire a content writing company for the job. You can check the outsourced content to make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes, but don't expect Pulitzer prize winning article every time. As long as the content is helpful and authentic, you can post it without hesitation.

Include a Call-to-Action in every blog post: Ask readers to take an action in the ending paragraph of every article. The CTA can be anything. You can ask readers to subscribe for newsletters or tell them to visit your site for getting something you have discussed in the article. A simple CTA message/button can generate hundreds of leads within a couple of months. For example, if you have shared the principles of responsive web design in a post, you can end the article by asking readers to “get the paid responsive website design tutorial.” Since readers have already understood your knowledge and experience, most of them won't hesitate to download the premium tutorial.

Include Authorship and offer sharing options: Matt Cutts has discussed the importance of Google Authorship in search engine optimization several times. So, I don't need to tell you why you should publish your name as the “author” in every blog post. Make sure there are Facebook share and Google +1 buttons for social sharing.

No SEO services India will claim that blogging can generate leads overnight. You have to follow the aforementioned four-step formula for several months to see a change in the number of leads you are getting every month. Eventually, you will be able to get clients from your blog.

Author Bio
Sarmista Aun is a professional blogger. In the above post she has reveals how to generate leads from your blog.