Thursday, October 24, 2013

FFWD - Muenster cheese souffle ... sort of

It's French Friday with Dorie  time again, and this week's recipe is Muenster cheese soufflé.  Now, to make a Muenster cheese soufflé, I figure you must use Muenster cheese - am I right?  Umm, unfortunately, I didn't have Muenster cheese, so I used Devondale Light Cheddar Cheese. Hey, it's cheese!

I divided the recipe into a quarter so I could make one serve - as the proportions of ingredients are in odd volume measures, this was no mean feat.  (Thanks to Kayte for my teeny tiny Oxo measuring cup.) Apart from my cheese choice, I also lightened this up by using margarine instead of butter, and using skim milk.  I further thumbed my nose at the recipe by using black pepper - who needs two kinds of pepper in the house?

And you know what?  This was delish. I served it for breakfast with a handful of baby spinach leaves (not pictured), and it was really good.  The only hard part was waiting for 25 minutes for the soufflé to cook.

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