Monday, October 14, 2013

Chocolate and avocado cake with avocado buttercream

I have seen lots and lots of chocolate and avocado cakes on the Web, and I really wanted to know what they tasted like.  Trouble is, I don't buy many avocados as avocado in vast quantities makes me gag in its richness.  However, I finally got the chance to make a chocolate and avocado cake after I bought two avocados with the best intentions of having avocado and poached eggs for breakfast, then having it once and deciding it was not for me, and the avocados being already quite ripe.  Hooray - a grand opening for making a chocolate and avocado cake was created.

There are heaps of recipes for chocolate and avocado cake out there, but I chose Lorraine's Chocolate and Avocado Cake with Avocado Buttercream because it is also vegan.  I am not vegan (as you can tell from the last few posts), but as everyone runs out of eggs from time to time, it is essential to have a good egg-free cake up your sleeve.

I was worried that the cake and/or the frosting would taste horribly like avocado - but it didn't.  It was also a terrific way to use up a couple of avocados.  The cake is chocolatey, but as there is no actual chocolate in the cake, it is not going to usurp my favourite chocolate mud cake recipe, but as an alternative when you have avocados and need something a little lighter, it will do quite nicely.

Don't be alarmed by the glow-in-the-dark green frosting - although I got lots of comments about "green slime", it tastes just like any icing, and has a natural green colour to boot.

Next time you have some avocados on the turn and don't want to waste them, give this cake a try - you may be pleasantly surprised.