Friday, October 25, 2013

White chocolate brownies for Tim's birthday

On Wednesday, it was Tim's birthday.  Tim loves white chocolate, so I wanted to make him a birthday treat containing white chocolate, but which was not too time consuming to make and was portable.

I selected Allyson Gofton's white chocolate brownies from her book, Bake.  She has also published the recipe for the brownies and the white chocolate icing on her website.  These brownies contain white chocolate and pistachios.  I sprinkled my brownies with gold stars instead of extra pistachios, which I thought was more festive and fitting for a birthday.

In the interests of research and review only (so I tell myself), I cut a couple of slivers off the brownies to taste.  These brownies are dense and sweet, as you can imagine from the amount of white chocolate in them, and the pistachios add a lovely crunch.  The white chocolate icing is not strictly necessary, but adds another element of sweetness to the brownies.

Happy birthday Tim!