Tuesday, October 8, 2013

WWDH - Lemon, Lentil and Yoghurt Soup

This week's Wednesday with Donna Hay pick is Lemon, Lentil and Yoghurt Soup, chosen by yours truly, from p16 of Modern Classics I.   The recipe has also been posted online by a Donna Hay fan here.  When I picked this, I wasn't sure I'd even like it - I had some lentils (albeit brown, not red, as called for by the recipe), so this seemed like a logical choice to use them in.  I included baby spinach rather than English spinach and I added the yoghurt garnish (because I already had some yoghurt), but I skipped the coriander as I was out of that.

The end result pleasantly surprised me - the soup is lightly spiced, textural from the lentils, and with a winning flavour coming from the lemon zest, which made the soup for me.  It took the soup out of pea and ham territory into something much lighter and breezier.

To see what Kayte, Margaret, Chaya and Sarah thought of this dish, visit their websites (tomorrow Oz time).