Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why Quality Content Is Vital Post Penguin and Panda Updates

Are you a part of the Search Engine Optimization industry? If so, it is important for you to remain updated and change your methods based on algorithm updates. You must have heard about Google's Panda and Penguin updates. In fact Matt Cutts announced in the last few days that there will be a Panda update this weekend and you can also expect a Penguin update in the near future. Google regularly makes variations in their algorithms to identify spammers and penalise several websites who do not follow their process.

Google always aims to deliver authentic information to its people by showing complete details of the searched object. Apart from that, the search engine giant also tries to ensure that users do not come across pages or sites filled with spammy content. However, if your site ranking is affected by the updates you have a lot of time to improve things. Your site can be surely recovered, the only thing is that you must understand the variations brought about by the search engine in its regular panda and penguin updates. A couple of points are very obvious such as you should never choose inorganic techniques like spamming, over optimization, excessive stuffing of keywords etc.

Everyone knows that Google focuses on their particular algorithms and lots of people try to cheat the formula in order to ensure high rankings rapidly. However, such techniques will no longer work because Google is continually updating its formula and coming up with newer updates. After these updates, it has become really difficult to cheat SEO rankings. It has now become necessary to follow organic ways of optimizing websites which will help in enhancing your rankings. Below are a few beneficial points associated with the panda update which will help you adopt some ethical organic techniques.

Top Quality Content

Gone are the days when individuals used to publish poor and spammy articles. Search engines now flag such websites as spam and therefore, it has become essential to write excellent and unique content. Keep in mind that poor and duplicate content is disliked by every person!

Pure Circulation of Keywords

Too much use and abnormal distribution of key phrases in articles is also regarded as spam now. Search engines only consider content that is high quality and unique.

Helpful Links Merely

Does your website boast of advertisements on its left, right, top and bottom? Then probably, it will receive a penalization from the Panda update. You may show a relevant website link on your site if you feel it is really helpful for the readers. In lieu of its most recent updates, Google can easily locate websites with excessive affiliates. Excessive use of advertisements on a site is regarded as poor from Google's point of view.

Influential websites

Search engines favour those websites that have a fantastic market. It is necessary for you to look for a topic and keep following it. This will assist visitors in finding something they are searching for. You can select a topic depending on your knowledge and develop a relevant site.

Fair optimization

We refer to 'fair' as natural optimization. Website owners used to apply poor and unethical Search Engine Optimization techniques to try to fool the search engines. However, it is no longer feasible now. Google keeps a watch on spammers and punishes over-optimized websites. Therefore, it is now essential to follow only organic techniques in order to carry out SEO.

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