Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Getting The Most Out Of Your Emails While Doing Email Marketing

There is no doubt that successfully sending out emails is a lot of hard work, alone putting some thought into tracking the kind of response and feedback coming in. You will usually need to do plenty which includes finding a good auto responder and the money to pay for it all, amongst a host of other worries.

Still this does not change the fact that if you do not have plenty of data about the emails that you send out to your list then you are missing out on many opportunities to do even better. Many of those who take the trouble to carefully track their results and do something in response to them have ended up with the kind of positive results that they never even dreamt about.

Is it really worth the trouble?

Various auto responders and email clients will need different approaches to enable them to give you all the data that you are looking for. In all likelihood you will end up spending money making the necessary adjustments. Is it really worth all the trouble?

Actually there should be no doubt on your mind whatsoever that whatever investment you may need to make will be paid back many times over when you endeavor to use the information to improve and make changes and adjustments all the time.

From information that is obviously important to what may appear to be petty, there is really no information you can get that is not useful. How many opened your email, clicked on links, bought something or just replied? How many recipients marked your email as spam? What was the exact number of complaints you received? Just remember that every bit of information that comes back tells you something about your readers and you need to always pay careful attention to what they are clearly saying or trying to tell you.

Find a way to track all your emails

It is crucial that you find a way to track all the emails that you send out and get back all the information you can possibly have. From shares, clicks and unsubscribes to questions raised and replies received directly as a result of a particular email message. Everything is important. Admittedly it is easy to start feeling overwhelmed by all the data coming in but the whole idea here should be for you to be able to quickly analyze in great detail how each and every email you have sent out has performed and what kind of results it has yielded for you.

Even negative responses are useful. They will tell you which particular emails elicited the wrong reaction and more importantly you will be able to understand what your readers and prospects do not like. The human race is full of surprises and so you need to keep an open mind here and understand and expect plenty of unexpected things.

What are your direct replies telling you ?

There are some replies that you will receive that will tend to point you to a bigger problem in your audience than what you are trying to address with your email message. How do you respond to the replies you receive? Do you just brush them aside as being off-topic? There are many online entrepreneurs who do this and it is a huge mistake. You could be missing out on a rare opportunity for great profit. What you must do is to read all your replies carefully and that includes even the off-topic ones. The idea here will be for you to determine exactly what your readers are saying. Once you have established this you will need to respond in the appropriate manner.

For instance when you realize that a particular email is extremely effective in getting a certain desirable effect then you need to maximize on it by using it again and again. This life is such that things rarely work as per expectations and so on the rare occasions when they do you must fully seize on the moment.


Emails and email marketing are extremely powerful tools that have the potential of making a huge difference in your online marketing. When you take the trouble to ensure that you are tracking and monitoring all your emails then there is no limit to what you can achieve.

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