Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Drive Traffic and Build Links with Google News

Here are a few fundamental and useful rules for getting more traffic with Google news, and for getting more traffic in general. Did you know that Google news is not actually that popular, which may seem like a bad thing, but compared to the Yahoo version, it will mean you have far less competition. Google news is one of the few portals that will allow you to show people that your content is up to date and new. It allows you to gain extra exposure by putting your content at the very top of the search engine results pages.

The short time limitation means that you gain exposure about all of the higher-ranking sites. Your news is only current for a short while, but as a consequence you are guaranteed a place in the top spot. This article assumes that you have read the Google rules on submitting news articles, and that you are going to follow those rules, as well as the tips given in this article.

Publish some relevant news posts regularly
Try to publish at least two of your news stories every day. They only need to be around three hundred pages long. Publishing everyday increases the odds that your news article is going to hit the top spot and drive some serious traffic. You have to bait a lot of hooks if you want to catch a few big fish when angling with Google News.

Use more than one writing personality
You need to set up three different online personas. Set up three different email addresses with three different home addresses. Set up three different Facebook/Google+ accounts for your fake people, and maintain the Facebook/Google+ profiles with the occasional message and links. Set up three different personas to add news to Google news. Hopefully, Google will eventually connect the dots between your social media profiles and the profile submitting news, and will give your profiles a little more respect/credibility.

Follow the rules with News URL’s
They need to contain three unique digits within the URL. Or you can use the news sitemap. Try to have at least three months worth of content on your profiles before you go submitting requests to be added to Google News.

Be among the first to tackle a taboo topic in your niche
Follow the rules on taste, but remember that taboo is a risk--either it will pay off or it won’t.

Build up a relationship with bloggers
Use your fake personas online and be interviewed by other bloggers and build relationships with other bloggers. Try to create a little bit of online credibility that Google is able to take note of. Comment on other Facebook pages.

Consider creating a newsletter
Create a newsletter to generate visits on a regular basis to your website, and link the Facebook/Google+ accounts with it to get more visitors and “Likes”.

Create catchy titles or create controversy
These are always good attention grabbers when it comes to news. Just makes sure your follow the decorum rules.

Build a bigger reputation on Facebook and Google+
Doing this will help you to create more credible social media personas, and will help you with your websites SEO if you link to it from them. Create Podcasts (audio recording) or create polls on your social media pages. Create video tutorials that solve problems in your niche. Interact on forums and interview other bloggers. Give your readers a way to share your social content on their social networks.

Add a little bit of SEO to your news articles
Find keywords relevant to each of your articles to be on the safe side, but don’t make your SEO efforts look obvious. Include a link to your blog/website in each of your online profiles

Help yourself on your blog
Name your images according to the post in which they appear and never stop trying new techniques. Comment on your blog with your three fake profiles, and click “Like” a lot. Offer a free eBook to your readers (do not forget to add a link to your blog) and optimize your articles for search engines. Post regularly to your blog; do it at least once per week. Promote each of your articles on Facebook and organize Facebook contests relating to them. Respect your readers and answer their comments, and share your articles/comments on Google+. Work the design of your blog and make it attractive, and write invited papers/articles. Make sure to weave your fake profiles into your blog at all opportunities so that they gain more credibility and so Google will take their news requests seriously.

Make your news relevant with statistics
Google likes a few statistics if you can quote a reliable source that you found them at. They like them because they add to the credibility of the news article. This will increase the chances of the article being accepted for inclusion.

Author bio: Korah Morrison, writer on essay writing service that helps students achieve their academic goals.