Monday, March 4, 2013

BWJ - Croissants

This week's Baking with Julia challenge is Croissants.  Our host is Amanda of Girl + Food = Love.  I had made croissants in September 2011 for The Daring Bakers, using Julia Child's recipe from Mastering The Art of French Cooking, so I was interested to see how this recipe went by comparison.

I will be honest - I liked Julia Child's recipe way better than this one.  It was less fussy (although by no means not fussy), and the end result was a lot better.  I found the Baking with Julia recipe to take longer (the recipe suggested 8 hours just for resting the dough before laminating), and the resulting croissants were overly buttery somehow - they just weren't as good taste-wise, and certainly appearance-wise, for me.

I filled my croissants with almond filling, and topped them with flaked almonds so that you were not left guessing as to what flavour they were.  The paleness results from my oven, which is useless at browning things on top.

I still have half of my croissant dough in the freezer, but I sadly won't be in a hurry to use it.

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