Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zucchini and Apricot Muffins

It's nearly the end of the working week - hooray!  Weekend here we come.  To say that work has been hectic is an understatement, but them's the breaks - the work ebbs and flows, and you have to either ride the tide or sink.

Last week, I made some zucchini and apricot muffins from this recipe in The New York Times:

The recipe comes from the "Recipes for Health" section, so as you might imagine, they are not particularly sweet (due to a dearth of sugar),  and there is definitely no frosting (although a cream cheese frosting or a lemon glaze would work rather well, I think).  Here's a peek inside a muffin:

I was worried that these muffins would not be well received at work, but funnily enough, they disappeared fairly rapidly.  I won't say that I loved them, although there were OK - my tip is that they are better the next day after they have softened a little and the flavours have developed.  One lady told me she liked these for the very fact that they weren't overly sweet - which made me very happy.

Enjoy the rest of your week!