Monday, August 13, 2012

BWJ - Raspberry Galette

Ok, I thought that the latest Baking with Julia recipe, Mixed Berry Galette, would be for 14 August, as we had baked on 31 July - making two weeks after that 14 August.  However, I shouldn't assume and perhaps should read the schedule instead, as apparently this was meant to be posed on Tuesday, 7 August, despite there only being a gap of one week since the previous bake.  Oh well, I have made it now, and I am posting it on 14 August, as I originally believed was the posting date.  Besides, tomorrow would have been Julia's 100th birthday - so I dedicate this post to Julia Child herself.

The sour cream dough for this galette was truly awful to work with - the euphemism "soft" was used in the recipe, but it actually meant really sticky.  I tried rolling the dough between two sheets of baking paper, as this is usually easier than the flour on the bench method, but on this occasion, it was just disastrous, as the sticky dough spread and would not come off the paper.  Back to the flour on the bench method then!  The extra flour incorporated into the dough so making it less sticky, but still quite fragile.  The final baked dough was lovely and soft and light, but sheesh! the dough was seriously hard work.

I used frozen raspberries in my galette as fresh ones are as dear as poison in Australia in winter, and not much better in summer.  I loved the jammy effect that the sugar had on the berries after baking.

If you love jammy dodgers, jam tarts or even bakewell tart, you will love this galette, as it is very similar.

Our hosts this (last?) week, Lisa of Tomato Thymes in the Kitchen, and Andrea of The Kitchen Lioness, and they will have posted the recipe.  To see what the other bakers made of this galette, visit the LYL section of the Baking with Julia for the Mixed Berry Galette. 

In closing, I wanted to share one of my favourite Youtube clips, covering the relationship of Paul McCartney and Jane Asher from start to finish in pictures and music.  Hard to believe all of this happened almost 50 years ago!  Enjoy.