Thursday, August 2, 2012

How do I clear the Facebook Share's Cache?

By Prageeth SEO Expert:
Sometimes you have a new description, title or thumbnail image in your website. But when you share the website URL on Facebook, it may still using the old description/ title/ image that no longer exists. In order to clearing the Facebook sharer cache, there is an easy way...

Use Facebook Debugger tool which is formerly known as URL Linter to clear fb cache of your website. Go to below link and Type your website's or article's URL there and click debug button.. 

After doing this, re-share your website's link on Facebook. You can find that Facebook sharer displaying your latest content. Cheers..

We can utilize this tool for any type of URL (link) and it fetches the latest title, description, images and other stuff that will be shown while sharing the link.

If you use an already shared URL with this tool then Facebook fetches the latest content, and also updates it cache with the latest content (for example Jobs in Ireland ). Someone else sharing the url will also see the latest content now. So this method is of course the best and easy one. Hope this tip is very useful for your internet marketing programs.