Friday, August 24, 2012

Double chocolate Mars Bar cookies aka Death By Chocolate

Happy weekend people!  Are you looking for the ultimate chocolate indulgence for the weekend - chocolate on 'roids, so to speak?  Well, look no further, as I present to you - the Double Chocolate Mars Bar Cookie!  These cookies contain no less than three types of chocolate - dark, white and Mars Bar.  They also contain cocoa. 

The recipe for this decadent creation came from The Kitchen Coquette's Daily Life feature in The Age.  You can find it online here

The recipe is a bit light on as to how to space the cookies on the baking tray, so let me tell you - leave a good inch or two between them on the tray when baking, as they spread quite a bit.   Some of mine were not so pretty because they spread into each other and I had to cut them apart - best to do this when the cookies are fresh out of the oven and are still very soft so that you can cut them without breaking them.

Here is a perfect example of the end product:

These cookies are soft and cake-like, almost like a flat brownie.  If you like your chocolate full on, these are the cookies for you.  Enjoy!