Monday, August 20, 2012

BWJ - Popovers

Today's Baking with Julia challenge is Popovers, hosted by Paula of Vintage Kitchen Notes and Amy of Bake with Amy.

Now, until I googled it, I had no idea what a popover was. My Mum thought a popover was something that you wear (which indeed, in another guise, it is).  I thought it might be a pop tart, and even when I googled it, I thought it was some kind of Yorkshire pudding.  I believe that Yorkshire pudding is its closest known relative, but popovers are way more delicious and light than Yorkshire pudding.  Here are my popovers fresh out of the oven: 

I only read the forum discussion after I made my popovers.  Accordingly:
  • I made my popovers in muffin tins;
  • I did not pre-warm the tin, the milk or the eggs;
  • I sprayed my tins with oil and the popovers did not stick;
  • I used low fat milk and the popovers did not suffer in any way;
  • I used Devondale Light instead of butter - ditto;
  • I baked my popovers at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 35 minutes, as my oven does not tolerate being turned down during cooking (it switches itself off);
  • I ended up with perfectly cooked popovers that weren't overly doughy in the middle.
Doesn't this look delicious to you:

I spread one popover with golden syrup:

And one with chunky quince jam and goats cheese (inspired by an online search of how to serve popovers):

Yes, Blogger decided the last two photos would be upside down, and I am too tired to care.

I absolutely adored these popovers!  I have never eaten anything quite like them before, but I would definitely make them again.  And best of all, I have three more in the freezer for another day.

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