Sunday, September 22, 2013

Primrose Bakery Orange Cake

On Friday last week, one guy in our office had a birthday, and another was having his last day before starting a new job.  From my perspective, this was a perfect opportunity to make cake!

I didn't want to buy special ingredients, so I chose my cake based on what I already had readily available in the house.  I landed on the Primrose Bakery Book's Orange Cake.  You can find the recipe online here

Don't be put off by "golden caster sugar" - I just used plain old white sugar; or "self raising flour" - I never buy it anymore and just convert my plain flour to self raising flour using this conversion

I was almost not going to make the glaze and just use buttercream, but believe me, it was worth it and not very time consuming to make both the buttercream and the glaze: 

You end up with different textures and flavours which add interest to the lovely buttery orange cake.

The cake was a hit, even if the birthday boy was away on the day and missed out.  It is definitely a "keeper".