Saturday, September 28, 2013

Peach Upside Down Cake

Yesterday was the Australian Football League (AFL) Grand Final Day in Melbourne.  Fremantle (the Dockers) played Hawthorn (the Hawks) on a rather vitriolic Saturday afternoon, when it rained and shined in equal measure, and strong winds buffeted everything.  The Hawks won to the delight of some and the disappointment of others.  I felt for the loyal Freo supporters who had bussed it all the way across the Nullarbor to see their beloved team play in their first Grand Final, only to see them pipped at the post by 15 points.
I will confess to being agnostic when it comes to the AFL, as I am from Queensland, and during my childhood, the AFL was known in our house as "Victorian football" - only played in that far off place called Melbourne, and receiving little or no airplay on Queensland television sets.  However, the AFL has wisely since gone national, and each State has at least one team.
While the drama of the Grand Final was being played out, I was preparing for a dinner party with four friends last night, details of which I will provide later.
This leads me on to my latest cake - a Peach Upside Down Cake, from a recipe by Julie Goodwin,  that I made primarily to use up the tinned peaches in my fridge which are currently outside the scope of my diet.  It ended up being a rather lovely cake: 
Unfortunately, I could only desperately taste a small offcut, not even a slice, so that I stay true to my diet mission.  From that taste, I gathered it to be a light and airy cake with lovely caramelised peaches on top - even if half of the brown sugar ran out of my springform pan in the oven!  (I should have lined that pan.)

If you happen to have some tinned peaches and want to trump peaches and icecream for dessert, you can't go wrong with making this lovely cake.