Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Biggest Loser Chocolate Cupcakes for My Birthday

It was my birthday recently, and as it seemed a bit sad not to have a cake, I made my own chocolate cupcakes, pictured above.

To make these cupcakes, I took the Biggest Loser Chocolate Fudge Cake and made it into 12 cupcakes and one mini heart cake, then iced them with plain old water icing (icing sugar, cocoa, water).  I think they look pretty.

While the cake is obviously not as sumptuous as a normal chocolate cake, at only 98 calories per serving (12 serves per recipe), it is a very good alternative.  I didn't find the cake dry this time - perhaps I slightly overbaked it last time.  However, don't expect moist, mud-like cake - it is more like a pound cake in consistency.

I topped the cupcakes with Lindt chocolates:

Aren't the cupcake papers gorgeous - I bought them in San Francisco last year when I was shopping at Sur La Table with Patty:

It was a fun way to celebrate "my" day.