Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Make the most out of email marketing

Online retail is really going to get your business jumping. The internet is as well used throughout the retail world as the high street for shopping. In fact the popularity of web is a tremendous boost to your company.

Emailing customers does not just give you more chance of making a sale, it is about value, customer relationship and putting your marketing right in-front of the user, and in a much more direct way then any commercial could have been able to do for you before. Think of it as an advertisement board, hooked up to the shop you want to get to.   

There are many things that can make or break your email. And really I need to go over them in some detail for you to understand and master it. The stages of an email begin with building a campaign idea. 

Planning your sell
Think of the items you’d like to promote, it may well be a themed range, such as new in, summer, men’s, women’s, shorts, hats, sneakers. 

During this time, your marketing team must strategize a banner, design and theme, strapline and overall brand communication. You want to point at selling your products and services to your consumer, so think through the basic essentials, you can’t underestimate the power of verbalisation. Specify why the product is worth value; suggest some lifestyle choices to go along with it. 

Creating your headline
Be too vague and expect email opens and clicks to be poor. Create something intent on selling and it is off-putting. Get straight to the point, because you have no time to pull back people’s attention once they are withdrawn. Tell the customer you need them to sign on the dotted line, tell them you need them to be on the website right away because this is important.

Making an email that incorporates your brand name, and people will open your email on recognition! Bring some empathy to the client and think about what they need, is it a special offer or a new in promotion. Find out something that they want and incorporate this into the title.

Designing your email
Creative visuals produce results. Design needs clean white areas, allowing the text and images to do the talking. CSS designed alt text is an added bonus, because it enables customers to read more about your promotion without clicking the view images button.

Creating a responsive design is great for the mobile market, and with about 2 thirds of all internet users going mobile, that isn’t a bad idea. Adding that fluidity could bring the level of engagement that users are asking for too. Responsive is just one design that re-scales to the device. Good design wireframe will work wonders for your click through.

Using a good email provider
The budget is fairly just when buying an email provider that really knocks out the sales.  While Mail Chimp is wildly appreciated for its bargain of analytics and social connectivity, you still have to create your emails by manual. With a powerful tool such as Silverpop by comparison, using its tools including Behavioral Database:
Behavior, Data and List Management, emails can be automated.

A specialised email for every customer is very smart, because people engage more when they see items that are similar to what they want, rather than a mass broadcast.

What we do at my company

At The Genuine Gemstones Company we like to work towards building the best service we can provide for our clients. We need to optimize our online campaigns so that they are covered over our websites, Facebook, Twitter and emails. A new promotion for emerald rings gets sent out on a Thursday afternoon, we need to deliver it to a gigantic email list, so we have the best online strategies in place to do this correctly.

Communication is important and every week we will email a new marketing promotion.  Our brands Gems TV and Rocks TV are strong in the UK and USA respectively, however it is through our online marketing that we can bring customers back to the show as well as back to our eCommerce website.

Our online marketing team is always looking to develop our email strategies. We have mastered a better engagement through using some of the technical information used in this article, and we are always trying to better our last email, with more intelligent ideas and client communication.