Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How To Connect Your Network to the Cloud

1. The Cloud welcomes you!

The new storage utility is simple, fast and welcoming. Enter into an enlightened path of digitally managing your work loads and times. You will find with cloud computing that there’s an endless trail for building up your data and your network. Users may access data as and when they there are needed to see it. 

You’ve probably seen more domesticated services including iCloud and Drop Box incorporate cloud-ware applications to users. They have easy to deploy and simple attitudes, enabling cloud share between you and your devices. Share from desktops, phones, tablets, between yourself and friends, family or businesses.

2. What’s for me to expect?

With differencing levels of services, from basic file sharing to more advanced platforms with apps, to infrastructure such as data servers and firewalls, there’s a plethora of cloud software offerings to think of. Over time cloud computing will simplify existing systems, as people are more widely accepting of the internet and its interconnectivity to phones and tablets, and any other potential pieces of software available in the future.

Setting up a cloud network is a lot easier too, and let you get people working sooner. They are much more time-effective then a network or CRM, which take a lot of man hours to set up and more time to then teach everyone individually. Google cloud apps let you manage projects in a dynamic format, all inclusively of charts, graphs and plenty of other formats that other CRMs charge much more money to use.

3. Clouds everyone can see

Internet cloud access for networking includes Oracle CloudWorld, Cloud Pro and vCloud by VM Ware, providing data on Performance Management, Customer Insight, integrated with Sales and other aspects of your overall business plan. It’s great that there are programs capable of managing data for large companies, with lots of employees.

These larger companies will in fact have full support of virtual private networks (VPNs), which are great for making your data private. One important point to make about data protection is that not all computing providers will have the support of encrypted tunnels, so there’s an issue about safety that one might address. There are also some drawbacks to data encryption on cloud-ware because of slowing of transfer speed through high volumes of traffic.

Despite these certain draw backs to time-delays, the technology is getting better at dealing with working in real-time with business applications following suit now as well.

4. Is cloud computing really the future?

The prospectus for the future sights a rapid expansion of growth, with business insights already indicating it is on a healthy growth curve. In a new report from independent business information provider Visiongain; ‘'World Cloud Computing Market 2013 – 2018” emphasises the expanse of the cloud computing industry.

In this report, Visiongain state that cloud computing services are to grow by the end of 2013 by up to $35.6 billion. Cloud computing is changing the business landscape, and it’s seen by many as the answer to the issues of slow deployment applications, that are limited in resources and have unpredictability in their system configurations that can occur in an IT infrastructure.

5. What we do at my company

The Genuine Gemstones Company sells jewellery live on TV, and we enjoy being innovative with ideas and enjoy embracing technology. Our brands Gems TV and Rocks TV are popular in the UK and the USA respectively for a TV audience who are shopping savvy and fashion-concious.

We use cloud technology to expand our reach within our organization. As we host a variety of departments, we are also reliant on data for a number of essential projects. Storing these on the cloud enables our own CRM, with charts, statistics and month on month analytics and insights.

Just one example of this is when we want to research popular buys in our product ranges. Such as silver pendants diamond earrings, or a bright blue gemstone sapphire ring for example. Once we get collating data on the cloud, we can log into any digital device connected to the internet, and analyse the data to create dynamic charts immediately. With the sheer quantity of apps, you are almost spoiled for choice for making our all in one CRM for order frequency and filtering out of variables effectively.

The team are always working on keeping up to speed with the latest technology, because it is in the nature of the business grow year on yeah, by continuation of achievements, and using the best solutions to work with.


Written by Edward Meeks, digital marketing executive at The Genuine Gemstones Company