Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How To Get Exposure Through Press Release

In conventional print media press releases are simply news articles released for the primary purpose of informing readers about particular news worthy developments. The news focus can be a company launch, expansion thrust or the opening of a new branch, etc. In the cyber business landscape press releases take a totally different and powerful function and purpose. Press releases are powerful marketing tools for businesses that need an authoritative online presence. The guidelines outlined in this piece will empower you to know how to get exposure through press release writing and submitting. 

Why you should submit press releases 
  • Press releases are cost-effective. 
  • Press release spread far and wide through news wires giving your website maximum exposure.
  • Press releases achieve the double impact of communicating important developments about your company while also generating valuable back links to improve the visibility and ranking for your website.
Press releases are normally the best place for start-up businesses with limited marketing and advertising budgets to begin their online presence drives and campaigns. Principles of how to get exposure through press releases involve knowing what format a professionally written press relapses takes. A press release must be factual yet interesting. The write-up must be expertly weaved so as to generate interest and compel readers to click provided links and come to your website. Once a press release is written it can be submitted to various news wire websites and PR websites. Certain submission services require a fee while some are free to use and still give maximum exposure for submitted press releases.

What Can Press Release do for the visibility of your website? 

Plying the volatile and ever growing cyber landscape as an entrepreneur is all about the visibility for your website. So how do press releases enhance the visibility of your website? The cyber business terrain is a steep business play field. Unlike the conventional business world; the cyber sphere pits your competitors just a click away. This means that your target market online is made of people that have so many options they can shift to in a single click. Press releases go viral around the web especially on news sites, blogs and news wire websites. The links strategically embedded in your release are great for your link building drive. Search engines consider these links when they return pages with relevant content against user search queries. Research has proved that in online marketing thrusts press releases are some of the most effective ways of generating the coveted organic traffic. 

Press Releases and Organic traffic 

Setting up a powerful website that does not get any visitors is meaningless. Getting visitors who are not interested in what you are offering is not fruitful either. Without attracting relevant target traffic to your website your web pages will record a high bounce rate. Bounce Rate denotes the amount of time visitors spend on your site. A high bounce rate means visitors come to website and leave as soon as they arrive. This basically means that visitors coming to your website are not interested in the products and services you are offering. With the visibility that press releases can achieve for your website search engines will begin to recognize your website as an authority site and they will channel relevant organic traffic to your website. Target traffic means your web pages are getting relevant users (mostly from search engines) looking for what you are offering. This kind of traffic leads to high conversion and profitability. 

Principles on How to Get Exposure through Press Release
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your niche.
  • Identify news wires with the widest and cost-effective coverage.
  • Generate keen interest.
The write-up of your press release must be such that it establishes your website as an authoritative source of information or solutions in the subjects or market needs related to your niche. Once the readers get a sense of your clout they will be compelled to turn to your website for the services and products they need. As you search for the best press release websites ensure that you choose websites with the widest and broad coverage. This will give your press release and your website maximum exposure at very cost-effective rates. Expert online marketing experts are capable of identifying such press release publishing platforms. Most importantly the experts can weave keen interest generating releases that will compel readers to flock to your website.

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