Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pink Ribbon Day Cupcakes 2012

Today is Pink Ribbon Day at work, where people bring a plate and others make a gold coin donation to sample the goodies and raise funds for breast cancer research.  I can't pass up a good opportunity to bake, so I have made chocolate cupcakes with pink rosewater buttercream.

I wanted to branch out with my cupcake recipes, so instead of my old faithful Dinosaur Rock Chocolate Cupcakes, I made the chocolate cupcakes from p21 of The Primrose Bakery Book by Martha Swift and Lisa Thomas, and their vanilla buttercream (from p52) with a dash of cochineal to make it pink and half a teaspoon of rosewater so that the icing tasted pink.  Everything turned out so well that this could be my new favourite  cupcake recipe.

To top them off, I used some pink ribbon sprinkles and some little chocolate rounds containing popping candy that I bought as oddments from Sisko.

I am really proud of these cupcakes, especially the frosting, as I have for the first time ever successfully piped buttercream swirl roses.  Previously, I have had problems with my icing consistency so that the swirls collapsed. However, this time, the icing was the perfect piping consistency, and the swirls stayed firm and strong.

I hope that people enjoy them as we raise funds in support of Pink Ribbon Day.