Saturday, July 20, 2013

Spiced Coffee, Date and Pomegranate Loaf

I have an eye for unusual cakes, and so when I saw Karen Martini's recipe for Spiced Coffee, Date and Pomegranate Loaf, it went straight to the "must make" list.

This cake has strong flavours from coffee, orange zest (or in my case, mandarin zest), dates, walnurs (I used almonds), cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and pomegranate molasses. I was pleased to finally be able to use my pomegranate molasses! This cake has big flavour, and is very moist, almost fudgy inside. Kids would not generally like this cake.

In the end, although I found the flavour and texture of this cake to be unusual, I enjoyed it. The only thing that I would change is the pomegranate molasses on top of the cake. I didn't like the sweet and sour taste in that context, and next time I would leave it off.

If you are looking for a cake that is a little different, you can't go past this one.