Friday, December 28, 2012

Spiced Nuts

With Christmas having come and gone, we are now looking forward to New Year.  If you are hosting a New Year's party, drinks and nibbles are often the order of the day.  For a moorish snack for party goers, I always think that spiced nuts go down a treat.  How spicy you make your nuts depends on your guests' tastes. 

If hot and spicy is your thing, I don't think you can go wrong with this recipe for spiced nuts. The honey adds a hint of sweetness and helps the spicy chilli powder and paprika to adhere to the nuts. Even better, these nuts are quick and simple to make.

I used a mixture of brazil nuts and almonds, but I think almost any type of nut that takes your fancy would be good coated with this spice mixture.  I packaged up my nuts for Christmas boxes, but do confess to sneaking a few myself along the way - they are pretty good.

What are you doing for the New Year?