Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Is Pinterest winning the social media race?

Apparently it is, as far as connecting brands to their customers in concerned. Pinfluencer, the Pinterest analytics and marketing company, recently reported that brands such as Martha Stewart, Gilt and Shape Magazine were able to increase their follower acquisition rates by a massive 156% while boosting pins per day by an equally large 125% after running promotions on its platform. According to Jonathan Goldmann, head of JetSetter’s social media, a scavenger hunt initiated by the firm even managed to have its pins posted as much as seven million times.

Rising to the top

On the other hand, Facebook seems to be struggling in terms of marketing. Having lost an advertiser as important as General Motors at the beginning of the year, it still seems to be having a hard time in terms of holding its nerves together when dealing with things such as the number of brand messages that would be appreciated by users rather than annoy them, as well as the monetary charges that companies should be subjected to for making use of the privilege. It has also been in hot waters with the famous American business tycoon Mark Cuban who publicly announced his disdain for the said social network for charging ridiculously and still not being able to properly deliver his Dallas Mavericks posts to the Mavs fans and followers.

In the wake of Facebook facing such crisis, Pinterest has jumped at the opportunity to further strengthen its position as the ideal platform for advertisers. Pinfluencer plays a vital role in promoting Pinterest as the perfect choice for companies by demonstrating how they can effectively engage with followers and successfully conduct viral marketing, eventually leading to increased sales. Pinterest provides different forms of promotional opportunities ranging from pinning and repining products or posts to creating scavenger hunts or rewarding competitions and contests particularly for users pinning your product.  If used wisely, these options can serve as effective promotional tools, according to Pinfluencer’s chief executive Sharad Verma.

Doing things the Pinterest way

Verma claims that marketing efforts through Pinterest are extremely fun and creative and never demand users to indulge in something which does not interest them. All Pinterest requires users to do is simply pin products from websites which in turn leads to a large number of views, further resulting in hits and clickthroughs, and eventually sales. Users do not have to go through the whole hassle of conversations that are a Facebook norm. Pinfluencer even offers a solution for marketers who have invested heavily in Facebook as they can now have their contests hosted on a Pinfluencer powered Facebook tab which turns their Facebook followers into Pinterest pinners. To cut a long story short, Pinterest has been seen to perform increasingly well in terms of generating revenue for companies. Not only that, it also offers companies the privilege of making use of this useful platform while retaining followers that they have previously acquired through investing in other social media like Facebook, facilitating these advertisers to the fullest. What else can we possibly ask for? 

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