Thursday, December 13, 2012

Adobe Marketing Cloud' to Help Businesses in Digital Marketing

Small scale businesses cannot have an exclusive marketing team to strategize and popularize their business. People who start a small business, have to juggle between marketing and sales. Though there is more exposure in the form of online training, people still struggle with effective creative marketing. Companies, especially the small-scale businesses cannot come up with strategies that will lead them to a successful marketing campaign or the strategies to avoid in the future. 

Marketing has evolved over the years. With so many channels available, marketing is now dependent on the product and how well marketers are going to establish it using various channels. This has revolutionized digital marketing. Many predicted the dramatic shift companies will have from traditional media to digital platform a few years back. It has come true with companies utilizing digital media effectively for the past few years and today, businesses are inching towards a new form of marketing through online cloud. 

Adobe Marketing Cloud:

Adobe marketing cloud now helps businesses in digital advertising. Adobe is offering two types of solutions: one is for creativity and the other one for marketers to carry on with the necessary promotional work. How can creativity and marketing be connected? Creative work is a vital piece to advertising. Insights from marketing can pave way to new creative work. So, Adobe creative cloud and marketing cloud go hand-in-hand. 

The Advantages of Using Adobe Cloud:

The marketing cloud from Adobe helps small business marketers to not only develop, but also scrutinize their marketing data. There are useful programs and tools available in this online software suite that can do everything except to create an advertising design. 

The Internet is not restricted to PCs nowadays. People use various platforms to access the Web. In fact, the usage of desktops has reduced substantially and many have started using portable devices to go online. Marketers are forced to optimize their online advertisements to all the platforms as it is hard to guess the kind of device their targeted audience will use. Plus, it is difficult to create advertisements for various devices. The specialty of Adobe’s cloud is it knows people access data from different devices like PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. 

The ‘Adobe Experience Manager’, the software available in Adobe cloud will help manipulate the advertising content from one platform and efficiently uses it in another. By using this, marketers don’t have to create new ads or optimize their content for various platforms. For example, a desktop landing page can be converted in such a way that the navigation is easy on a mobile platform.

An added advantage of the program is that it allows the marketers to keep tabs on the user interactivity with the content. People can access the feedback given by the customers through this software. With the feedback, the forthcoming campaigns can be tweaked according to customer preferences. 

A business can reach a wider audience using the cloud services. The programs offered by Adobe helps small scale businesses in advertising their product or service and establish their brand identity in the long run. Now, marketers can concentrate more on the digital pattern of their customers and analyze trends to capitalize on instead of trying to find out the kind of devices they use.

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