Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Salted Caramel Fudge

Christmas has been and gone for another year, but a great idea for gifts for the sweet tooth all year round is home made fudge.  For my Christmas boxes this year, I made the devine salted caramel fudge pictured in this post.  The  recipe can be found online here at Taste.com.au.

This fudge is fairly easy so there is not much I can add to the recipe.  However, do be careful not to let your fudge burn (eg by turning up the stove too high).  The fudge will take a while to thicken, but be patient - it gets there eventually.  If you end up with hard dark burnt bits in your fudge, you can sometimes salvage it by sieving the mixture - but this must be done before it gets too thick or sets.

Otherwise, make this fudge, sit back, and enjoy its contrasting sweet and salty flavours as it melts in your mouth - but try to save some for gifting!