Monday, December 10, 2012

Search Engine Optimization is an ART.

 Funny SEO stuff - Time to relax! All credit go to Subsonic a member of Black Hat SEO

I sometimes like to give a fine giggle for SEO quotes and cartoons.. It's healthy to just relax sometimes as many of us tend to work our asses off without taking a crack from time to time! It's difficult to locate good SEO humor so if you have some, please share! (If you don't understand all jokes, it's time to study more )


    Domains are like wine : Older the domain, better are the SERPs
    Google started this whole link popularity game but now they desire to take their ball and go house.
    Greg Boser
    People spamming alt tags thinking it will help them, but its really just messing up the blind dudes!
    Search engines work based on meta tag, title, and descriptions only.
    How many SEO copywriters does it take to change a lightbulb, light bulb, bulb, lamp, light, eco-bulb, bulbs, fluorescent tubes?
    You need a crack from SEO when your son tells you he wants to go play in the sandbox and you say him it doesnt exist.

Is SEO or Conversion to Blame?
Dont Blame the SEO!LOVE SEO
Its simple to point fingers when the phone is not ringing and the leads have trickled to a halt. But is that really the best way to optimize your business?

 I am trying to know all about SEO,I have written a Soulfull track for SEO.

 Sometimes the thought crosses my mind
That you've been made just for me
 Before this, you were dwelling somewhere in the stars
 You were summoned to earth just for me
 Sometimes the thought crosses my mind
 That this body and these eyes are kept in trust for me
 That the dark shadows of your hair are for my sake alone
 That these lips and these arms are charged to my care
 Sometimes the thought crosses my mind
 Just as the shehnaii sounds on the roads
 That it is my wedding night, and I am lifting your veil
 You're shrinking for shame, blushing in my arms
 Sometimes the thought crosses my mind
 That you'll love me like this our whole lives through
 That you'll always lift a loving stare to me like this
 I know you're a stranger, but even so
 Sometimes the thought crosses my mind.

You guys must be thinking that, I am crazy! yes I am crazy. SEO is My Life and I can't  live without SEO.

-Karan Singh Rawat