Sunday, December 4, 2011

TWD - Earl Grey Madeleines and Honey-Almond Fig Tart

The first Tuesdays with Dorie double-header for December is Earl Grey Madeleines, chosen by Nicole of Bakeologie, and Honey-Almond Fig Tart, chosen by Kayte of Grandma's Kitchen Table.

Just as we are at the end of Baking - From My Home to Yours, I think I have gotten the hang of this madeleine caper.  I get humps on my mads, I don't overfill the molds, and I know to check them before the end of the recommended baking time because they are nearly always done way before then.  These madeleines contain Earl Grey tea-infused butter, hence their name.  As a general rule, I can't abide the soapy taste of Earl Grey tea, but it only comes across subtly in these mads and is not bad at all.  I ate three of these as proof.

Our second dish, Honey-Almond Fig Tart, is one that I made earlier.  Due to a lack of time and figs being as dear as poison here at the moment (between $40 and $50/kg), I did not make it again, although it is a devine tart.  If you have a fig tree, I highly recommend this tart, but beware - don't overfill the tart  if you don't feel like cleaning up an enormous mess, as there is way more filling in the recipe than you need. 

Thanks to our hosts, Nicole and Kayte.  They will post the recipes, or alternatively, buy the book - it's a goodie, even if you are not US-based, and I definitely learned a lot from baking my way through this book.  And to see what the other TWD gals and guys thought of this week's recipes, visit the LYL section of the TWD website.