Friday, December 23, 2011

Langham Christmas Pudding

Christmas is nearly upon us, so if you have not made your Christmas pudding yet, you may be well advised to buy one, as a  new born pudding will not have time to mature and become all boozy and rich in time for this year.  I was organised enough to make my pudding over the Melbourne Cup weekend back in November, so it had over 2 months for the flavours to meld.

Every year, I choose a different pudding recipe.  After a disastrous brush with a recipe out of a newspaper that was plain wrong (but luckily had very little precious fruit in it, so little was wasted),   I decided to try my hand at The Langham Hotel Christmas pudding, made by a few bloggers at an event last year.  You can find the recipe online here.  

Unfortunately my pudding stuck to the top of the steamer a little, hence its rough-hewn top.  However, this does not affect flavour, and no-one will ever know the difference when it is cut up into bits.

Whilst this pudding tastes good (I have cut it up into pieces for my Christmas boxes), I found it to be a little crumbly, and should be stored in the fridge to make it easier to cut (if not re-heating the whole pudding at once).  It is definitely not my favourite Christmas pudding recipe - that title is still held by Nigella Lawson's Non-Conformist Christmas Pudding, the recipe for which can be found online here

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?