Monday, October 24, 2011

TWD - Fig Cake for Fall - errr, Spring

In the Northern Hemisphere, it is now autumn (fall), so our host this week, Ursula of Cookie Rookie, chose the appropriately named "A Fig Cake for Fall" from Dorie's book, Baking From My Home to Yours.  Unfortunately, because our seasons don't coincide, the availability of fruit in Oz is not the same as in the Northern Hemisphere.  However, I was keen on using figs in this cake - after all, you don't get the cool alliteration if you don't use figs!

Purely by chance, I found some tinned Greek figs in the IGA at St Kilda.  I have never set foot inside that supermarket before, but it was near to where I was getting my hair cut, and as I love nothing better than a stroll through food lined aisles, I went in, and the visit was fruitful (pardon the pun).  Sadly, there were only 5 figs in the can - which cost $6.99! - so I have only a few figs on my cake 

Because my figs came in syrup, I didn't poach them in port  as Dorie suggested for fresh figs.  However, I otherwise followed the recipe, which resulted in a tender, moist, golden cake that you could happily marry with any fruit:

As they say in TWD, This one is a keeper!  Ursula will have the recipe, or buy the book.  And to see a veritable harvest of fig cakes, visit the TWD website's LYL section for this cake.