Monday, October 31, 2011

TWD - Far Breton

This is recipe number two for this week's ramped up Tuesdays with Dorie schedule.  It was chosen by Nicole of Cookies on Friday, and is a Far Breton.

Now don't be put off by the dog's breakfast appearance of my Far Breton - it is actually a rather delicious custard and brandy-soaked fruit (prunes and raisins) concoction, that I could eat by the bucketload. 

My Far Breton looks like someone sat on it because: The only 8 inch pan (required by the recipe) that I own has a removable bottom.  At the twenty-minute baking mark, I looked into my oven and made a face like Munch's The Scream, as all of the custard had leaked out of the  pan and into the baking tray beneath.  Not wanting to start again, I scooped all of the par-baked custard into a 9 inch springform pan, and plonked all of the fruit back on top, and hoped for the best.  At the end of the baking period, I ended up with a rather flat but intact Far Breton.

While my Far Breton is less attractive to look at than if all had gone well, it tastes fab, and I have been happily scoffing it since I made it (as I am on leave at present). To see what it should look like, visit Nicole's site.  Nicole will also have the recipe, or do yourself a favour and buy the book.