Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lemonade scones

On this peaceful Sunday, I am bringing you a simple, quick but tasty recipe - Lemonade Scones.  I don't make scones very often because they do not keep - if you don't eat them all on day 1, they are like rocks the next day.  However, I was inspired to make scones by this very lovely advertisement for Queen vanilla, featuring the beautiful music of Thelma Plum and Indigo from Series 2 of Junior Masterchef as the baker - all Queenslanders like me:

Isn't this the loveliest ad you have seen in a long time?  They play it during The Great Australian Bakeoff, which is how I came to see it.

I had some cream and lemonade in the fridge, so rather than making lavender scones like Indigo on the ad, I made lemonade scones.  They are lighter and fluffier inside than ordinary scones:

I used this recipe by Valli Little from

These scones were really good - I served them solely with strawberry jam, as I didn't have any whipping cream.  Two wags asked where the cream was - I told them it's BYO cream.  It didn't seem to matter - the scones disappeared regardless.

I hope that you are all having a fabulous weekend, and that you enjoy making some scones!